Tuesday, September 27, 2016


 Viongozi wakuu wa kampuni ya Silafrica Limited,Mkurugenzi Mtendaji  Akshay Shah pamoja na Alpesh Patel (kulia) wakikabidhi mfano wa funguo za magari yaliyotolewa zawadi kwa wateja na wauzaji wa bidhaa za SIMTANK katika hafla iliyofanyika serena hotel mwishoni mwa wiki,jijini Dar.
 Wasanii wa THT wa kitumbuiza katika hafla ya Simtank Dealers Night
Appreciation iliyofanyika katika hoteli ya serena mwishoni mwa wiki.
Mwanzilishi wa Silafrica Limited na maria Group Mzee GP Shah   akikabidhi mfano wa funguo wa gari kwa mmoja wa wateja wa Simtank bw. Ravi Chantarana kutoka Ravi Steel katika hafla iliyofanyika mwishoni mwa wiki.

Silafrica Tanzania Ltd organized a “Simtank dealer appreciation night” at Sarena hotel for All Tanzania SIMTANK dealers.

The Simtank Dealer Appreciation night, attended by more than 150 dealers, from every province, witnessed the awards of Certificates of appreciation and Presents for the best performing Simtank dealers countrywide. Mr. Alpesh patel, Country head of Silafrica said that “The SIMTANK sell and Win contest was carried out over a period of 3 months starting from 1st June 2016 and ending on 31st Aug 2016 which hastotal seven categories/prizes.

Mr, Alpesh Patel, stated that, “This is an important time to appreciate our dealers who act as a link between our products and the society. They have worked so hard with unflinching dedication, commitment and effort to achieve our collective goals. Our dealers deserve to experience pride in accomplishment. 
We hope that Simtank, in a way, has definitely made a positive impact on the lives of those who deal and use it in our society.”Our dealers are our most promising asset. Dealer appreciation Meet, in an effort to strengthen its bonds with its business partners and put on record its strong appreciation for the efforts made by its dealers in jointly serving the consumers in Tanzania with your continued support.”

“What sets Silafrica apart is that partners with our customers by understanding their needs and applying innovation in product design, investing in manufacturing technology and leveraging operations efficiency to ultimately create world class plastic & packaging solutions …said Akshay Shah, The Managing Director. And also added …Simtank Brand and its parent company, Silafrica has experienced significant growth throughout Tanzania under the stewardship of Mr Alpesh Patel.

“SIMTANK “ is the market leader in providing clean, safe, and durable water storage units in Tanzania and Kenya. SIMTANK has been launched in Tanzania since past 23 years and we are proud and happy to say that we are holding the leading position in the market as the most trusted brand.. Trusted by millions of Tanzanians and now Kenyans also. SImtankis no 1in water storage category due to high quality ofmaterial , virgin material, food grade, UV stabilized material and making sure no compromise in the process. This ensures safety and durability.

Mr. Alpesh has took this opportunity to declare the winners of the promotional scheme launchedby the company. The dealers were evaluated on certain criteria likeaccomplishment of selling targets, timely payments, loyalty. We are proud to announce a total of 35 dealers winning prizes from SILAFRICA. 

Mr. Alpesh stand humbled and proud to announce The WINNER FOR THE FIRST AWARD CATEGORY for CAR…winners are ……………….

1) FMJ hardware –mama Fatina Said and 2) KAMAMA co Ltd- Mr. Jurijs
The second category winners who are going to take home the SUZUKI Carry is….Mr. Hiren Ravi chandarana from Ravi Steel.
Third category winner – All the way from Moshi – FIVE STAR HARDWARE – Mr. Frank who is taking over TOYO delivery pick up.

Overall below the winners in each categories..

The awards ceremony was followed by dance ,dinner ,drinks and lot more entertainments. This event wasconcluded with a note of thanks from the SIMTANK Team. Mr. Alpesh closed event by saying … Allsimtank dealers are very important to us. Thank you for the trust you have placed in us. He has congratulate all winners on be half of Simtank Team &building strong relationships with its valuable business partners that’s motto.

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